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USA : LOS ANGELES 6 pm - 10:45 pm 11/4/2016
USA : NEW YORK 9 pm - 1:45 am 11/4/2016
ARMENIA : YEREVAN 5 am - 9:45 pm 11/5/2016
AUSTRALIA : SYDNEY 11 am - 3:45 pm 11/5/2016
BRAZIL : RIO 10 pm - 2:45 am 11/5/2016
GERMANY : BERLIN 3 am - 7:45 am 11/5/2016
GHANA : ACCRA 1 am - 5:45 am 11/5/2016
INDIA : GOA 6:30 am 11:15 am 11/5/2016
JAPAN : TOKYO 10 am - 2:45 pm 11/5/2016
MEXICO : MEXICO CITY 8 pm - 12:45 am 11/4/2016
SPAIN : IBIZA 1 am - 5:45 am 11/4/2016
First Fridays - October 2016



We are American, Mexicanos, Australian, Ticos, Colombian, Portuguese, Malaysian and South African Musicians, DJs and Artists who travel across the world creating parties to Celebrate Life! Dancing! We believe house and techno music with a global ethnic sound are answers for Peace, Love, Unity and Respect.  With this movement focus Global Party People creates music mixes and free public access parties on First Fridays at different cities across the world... Our current ambassadors are Joakin Eskasan aka DJwithDRUMS, SRI, MELONIA, JC DELACRUZ, FRONTER, ELLIOT DEHOYOS, DJ RIDOO and SHEN LI.  We’ve been blessed to perform in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Monaco, Portugal, Philippines and major cities in the United States at renowned venues including Avalon, Heart, Planet Hollywood, SLS and Supperclub.
MUSIC to DANCE, TRAVEL and LOVE. Start listening to our songs, mixes and DJs to get this party started and we hope you can join us on our next First Fridays, Holidays and other events !!! We hope to see you soon and #GlobalPartyPeople 

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DJwithDRUMS a.k.a. Joakin Eskasan performs live percussion from Africa, Brazil and Cuba during his mixes. His performances and music production transport you to a place where Carnival, Tribes and Melodies meet House & Techno - making you a happy dancer!  Joakin's percussive credits include performances with Chus & Ceballos, Mark Knight, D:Fuse, Elliot DeHoyos, Bonnie Foster, Gloria Trevi, Soul Clap and SRI under the name of MELONIA.

His DJwithDRUMS performance has been featured globally including the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Monaco and Australia.  He has performed extensively in the U.S. cities of Boston, Las Vegas, Miami, New York, San Diego and in Los Angeles, including the venues Exchange LA, Supperclub, XIV and The Standard Rooftoop Hotel. Contact. Percussion Rider.

DJwithDRUMS : Videos : Don Omar "Danza Kuduro"


MELONIA : SRI & JOAKIN is a duo of rhythm and melody with a global ethnic sound within House & Techno music. MELONIA's music mixes lead us on an ever-surprising journeys around the globe with SRI’s distinct yet diverse vocal influences, and Joakin’s banging drums done live. Contact.

SRI's current artistic inspiration takes her deep into the dance music genre. She DJs and produces music with an affinity for Tech House, interspersing cultural elements from around the world. Her separate, ethereal yet percussive mixes pull from many and varied spiritual paths, with the desire for soul expression and physical transcendence.
SRI’s career reflects her eclectic artistry.  As Co-director of Taal Dance Collective she's performed with the best of the South Asian Progressive DJ scene (Karsh Kale, MIDIval Punditz and the late, great Cheb i Sabbah).  With Baby Gopal (vocals/guitar) and Shelter (rhythm guitar) she released several albums and toured across Europe, U.S.A., North Africa and Japan.  Behind the scenes as a more private expression, she's performed and released two Bhajan & Kirtan albums.
Her desire is to bring people together to dance and be joyful, to feel the bliss of positive vibrations through body, mind and soul.  SRI believes music and dance can bring peace and love to the world.  The more we sing and dance, the happier we feel - it is as simple as that. Contact.

Sri's Bio in her very own words...

I was destined for dance music, but I got here circuitously.  My father had a Disco once - yes a Disco; with square dance floors, further sectioned into smaller individual squares that lit up with different colors - a quintessential Disco.  After that he had a live music venue that hosted amazing international acts.  Perhaps because of that I went on to be guitarist and front person in the Krishnacore Pop Punk band - Baby Gopal.  When we played at legitimate venues (as opposed to a Festival, Youth Center or squat - and we did them all) especially in Europe, once our show was over, the venue would then morph into a Night Club. We were an all-ages, ticket sales affair - so in hindsight they had half the night left to make more money, but I found it fascinating.

I wrote a bunch of my band’s songs in entirety, but I was most comfortable and most confident when I co-wrote with a band member.  I so admired their taste and their talent, in my opinion the sum of all parts was always greater than the whole.  I didn’t know I could feel the magic of songwriting from DJing.  Yes I could produce material, but in a fluid way, the way a band gets to be consistently creative.
The two bands I was in, and Taal Dance, a classical Indian/modern dance troupe… came to an end, for no reason other than people who share a love of art, don't always share longterm goals.  The need to create, to be independent, to enjoy the collaboration and company of great talent but not to depend on it… that led to SRIdj.  This has evolved to where I experience that same creativity; it’s different but there is the same satisfaction and organic quality where I can say, I wrote that - and more enjoyably… I co-wrote that.  What started out as me being a jukebox, albeit with some kick-ass remixes… evolved to creating and re-creating.
A strength that I often thought a weakness, is my love of just about every genre of music - as long as it touches my heart.  SRIdj has allowed me to pull all the crazy elements of my life: my Aussie flavor, from Indigenous to Rock to Melb Bounce; my Indian love affair with Classical, Folk and Devotional music; a deep love for Jazz (and Blues, Disco and Latin) thanks to a father with impeccable taste in music, my appreciation for African music - the rich percussion, rhythm and authentic vocals that evoke the origin of man; a love for middle eastern vocals, haunting prayers that waft from the mosque tower, and around the globe... to Spain, France, mother England and still a punk edge that nags until I add a little something rebellious to the mix.
I found a vehicle that not only tolerates, but depends on all my loves working in concert.  Greater musicians have come before me to pave this genre… Iberican, Afro-World, Tech House, Bounce… call it what you like, all I care is that it makes you happy and makes you dance.  Happy people are nice people.  An ancient Vedic text called the 'Brahma-samhita’ describes the spiritual world as a place where, "every word is a song, every walk is a dance.”  Maybe that’s why music makes us feel so alive. Contact via email.


JC Delacruz (Jay C Delacruz) is one of the hottest upcoming young cats from Portugal's underground scene.  A true heavyweight mixer on the decks with his hybrid mixes breaking out to the world in 2010 with the help of social media platforms like youtube and soundcloud. His passion for djing started at the age of 8, growing with recorded tapes from artists such as Carl Cox and Jeff Mills, and when he turned 13 years old he got his first mixer and started djing at home and at school parties.  Ever since JC Delacruz has been rocking the dancefloors mixing back 2 back from house to techno.  

JC Delacruz is a true entertainer on the dancefloor, his mixes are filled with the finest selection of tech house and techno, combined with his trademark non stop sessions full of amazing vibes and landscapes.  As a producer his productions illustrate his powerful skills on the decks with banging and powerful peak time grooves. Presenting a unique style and unfolding an epic story in his sets, mixing ancient tribal rhythms with dark and underground techno vibes to its peaking forms makes him the absolute best Ambassador to represent the sound from Porto, Portugal. Contact.


In 2006, influenced by tribal and electro percussion, begins in the world of underground electronic scene, but his career as a producer began around the middle of 2008. Achieving create from the beginning a unique style and very defined by fusing organic, abstract and digital with techno and house sounds, but without neglecting its Latin essence, incorporating exquisite tribal percussion.

His sessions are characterized by complex musical taste, ranging from exquisite Deep House, Tech House to the most avant-garde sounds Deep Techno. Seven years as DJ and producer managed to become one of the great promises of the scene Tech House in South America. His productions are already common in the tops of beatport and music and is housed in more than 50 stamps internationally, as Toolroom, 1605 Music Theraphy, or Mindshake Records Stereo Productions, Area Remote, FORM .. which have great respect and prestige of the global electronic music scene.

Managing to capture the attention of the greatest artists such as Chus & Ceballos, Richie Hawtin, Paco Osuna, Matthias Tanzmann, Dj Sneak, Umek or Fedde Legran, teaching and supporting the music of DJ Fronter in major clubs of their tours. Fronter's passion for electronic music is endless, as his so accomplished seal, creator, owner and promoter Recordings of Orunmila. Seal digital property that promotes national and international DJs and producers. Contact

Elliot DeHoyos has been uplifting crowds with his live DJ sets and original productions for the past twenty years; always pushing the boundaries and continually advancing the underground music scene. As a DJ, DeHoyos is known for his intricate and sophisticated mixing. He seamlessly blends a range of styles, from tech house to tribal, Latin to deep house. The common denominator is a driving, unforgettable percussive rhythm; one that reverberates a global sound.
His talents have earned him residencies at New York institutions, such as XL Lounge, Avalon NY, Club Deep and SBNY, as well as regular appearances at The Tunnel, Twilo, Limelight, Centro-Fly, BLVD, Club Love, Roxy, Rise (Boston), and Twist (Miami). His skills have also landed him international gigs at Phoenix (Sydney, Australia), Embassy (Manila, Philippines), Terminal Night Club (Quebec City) and Circus (Montreal).
To experience more of his work, please visit or visit his fan page, to keep up with his latest events.  Much love and always music! Contact.



+ 1.617.276.5853

DJwithDRUMS : JOAKIN ESKASAN Please email us including your Date, Location and Event Description.  CHIHUAHUA : MEXICO
SRI Please email us including your Date, Location and Event Description.  SYDNEY : AUSTRALIA
MELONIA : SRI & JOAKIN Please email us including your Date, Location and Event Description.  LOS ANGELES : USA
JC DELACRUZ Please email us including your Date, Location and Event Description.  PORTO : PORTUGAL
FRONTER Please email us including your Date, Location and Event Description. CALI : COLOMBIA

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December 2nd, 2016 SRI, MELONIA and DJwithDRUMS First Fridays : CHRISTMAS PARTY Bulldog's Porch 1209 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291
December 31st, 2016 : NYE 2017 SRI, MELONIA and DJwithDRUMS NYE 2017 Sydney Harbor View Beach Party To Be Announced : Sponsor Now Sydney, Australia
January 6th, 2017 SRI, MELONIA and DJwithDRUMS First Fridays Bondi Beach Party  To Be Announced : Sponsor Now Byron Bay, NSW, Australia
January 26th, 2017 SRI, MELONIA and DJwithDRUMS Australia Day Beach Party (Thursday) To Be Announced : Sponsor Now Melbourne, Australia
February 3rd, 2017 SRI, MELONIA and DJwithDRUMS First Fridays Beach Party  To Be Announced : Sponsor Now Surfers Beach, Brisbane, Australia
March 3rd, 2017 SRI, MELONIA and DJwithDRUMS First Fridays Beach Party  To Be Announced : Sponsor Now Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia
March 4th, 2017 SRI & JOAKIN : MELONIA and ELLIOT DEHOYOS Mardi Grass Beach Party  To Be Announced : Sponsor Now TBC - Sydney, Australia
March 24th, 2017 SRI, MELONIA and DJwithDRUMS Miami Music Beach Party To Be Announced : Sponsor Now South Beach Miami, USA
April 7th, 2017 SRI, MELONIA and DJwithDRUMS First Fridays Beach Party  To Be Announced : Sponsor Now Vrandaban, India
May 5th, 2017 SRI, MELONIA and DJwithDRUMS First Fridays  To Be Announced : Sponsor Now Bali, Indonesia
June 2nd, 2017 SRI, MELONIA and DJwithDRUMS First Fridays Beach Party To Be Announced : Sponsor Now Ibiza, Spain TBC / Porto, Portugal TBC
June 25th, 2017 SRI, MELONIA and DJwithDRUMS Chicago PRIDE Parade  To Be Announced : Sponsor Now Chicago, IL USA
July 7th, 2017 SRI, MELONIA and DJwithDRUMS First Fridays  To Be Announced : Sponsor Now Venice, Italy
August 4th, 2017 SRI, MELONIA and DJwithDRUMS First Fridays  To Be Announced : Sponsor Now Cali Colombia
September 1st, 2017 SRI, MELONIA and DJwithDRUMS First Fridays  To Be Announced : Sponsor Now Santiago, Chile
October 7th, 2017 SRI, MELONIA and DJwithDRUMS First Fridays  Bulldog's Porch 1209 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA, USA
November 3rd, 2017 SRI, MELONIA and DJwithDRUMS First Fridays  To Be Announced : Sponsor Now El Paso, TX USA
December 1st, 2017 SRI, MELONIA and DJwithDRUMS First Fridays Beach Party To Be Announced : Sponsor Now Goa, India
December 31st, 2017 : NYE 2018 SRI, MELONIA and DJwithDRUMS NYE 2018 : RIO Beach Party To Be Announced : Sponsor Now Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
January 5th, 2018 SRI, MELONIA and DJwithDRUMS First Fridays Beach Party To Be Announced : Sponsor Now Ipanema, Rio, Brazil
February 2nd, 2018 SRI, MELONIA and DJwithDRUMS First Fridays To Be Announced : Sponsor Now Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
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