EDM has a new Anthem!

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A Decentralized Dance Track by Global Party People. Enjoy the sound of Bitcoin on EDM as it takes you on a journey across the blockchain. Yes! Electronic Dance Music has a new Anthem and an amazing music video you can check out below!

The lyrics "I Want My Bitcoin" share the desire to be part of the present, a technological evolution, where crypto currency is truly borderless. As simple as getting a cyber wallet on your phone and getting your keys (codes) now you can have the power to send and receive your "crypto" money globally. 

The music video takes you to the moon and back while having a great time! It is a cyber odyssey that dancers and crypto experts will have a blast embarking on. The video includes shuffle dance, classical indian dance, hip hop, pop & lock and breakdance. There is also a time where you can try to catch Satoshi Nakamoto walking at the Ginza Crossing in Tokyo with your QR Code Scanner. So if you have another phone go get it and see where it takes you. There are multiple QR Codes and one of them also enables you to send Bitcoin directly to Global Party People so you can become a Bitcoin Techno Anthem Ambassador!  The journey has begun and now your are ready to hit play!

Click here to download it from the Global Party People record store.

Bitcoin Techno Anthem

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