Joakin Eskasan performs live percussion from Africa, Brazil and Cuba during his DJ mixes.  His performances and music productions transport listeners and club goers to a place where Carnival, Tribes and Melodies meet Techno, House and Psy-Trance. Joakin's percussive credits include performances with Chus & Ceballos, Mark Knight, D:Fuse, Elliot DeHoyos, DJ Boris, Soul Clap, Paluma, Joskie and Sri Keshava under their DJ duo name of Global Party People.  Joakin's favourite genres to DJ and play percussions to are House, Techno, Psy-Trance and subgenres of the same such Deep House, Afro House, Progressive House, Tech House and Raw Techno. 



You know it party people! Is all about that beautiful feeling and keeping the high vibrations on the dancefloor! Let me take you on a journey of how it all started and where we are heading. 

Joakin Eskasan founded Global Party People in Boston Massachusetts in mid 2000s with the mission to keep people dancing while also promoting “PLUR” (peace, love, unity and respect) through culturally rich house and techno.  During these early years Joakin was a resident and featured percussionist at RISE Afterhours (Boston) playing with incredible artists like Craig Mitchell (The Orange Factory), Chus & Ceballos (Stereo Productions), Soul Clap (Soul Clap & Crew Love Records), and also playing with Mark Knight (Toolroom Records) at Underbar (Boston), DJ Boris (Transmit Recordings), Elliot DeHoyos (Global 305) at Avalon and LOVE (NYC), Lance Jordan at Crobar (NYC), D:Fuse (Miami) and Steve Porter (Porterhouse in Miami during WMC).  During this time Joakin also got on the studio to lay down some drums and got his hands on the producer knobs to soon after release his first single “So Alive (I am Feeling) featuring Craig Mitchell” released on Kult Records in 2007, and in 2009 his collaboration with Eddie Cumana, “Plastic Dreams vs Plastic Drums”, made it to Beatport’s Top 10.

After touring in the Dominican Republic (La Vega), Monaco (Sea Lounge) and Mexico as Global Party People, and while also finishing his college studies at Berklee College of Music Joakin moved to Los Angeles in 2009.  Having this passion to keep people dancing Joakin performed with the EC Twins (Twin Turbo) at Guys & Dolls, Supperclub and XIV which even got the attention of Paul Oakenfold, signing the EC Twins remix of ResuRection with Remy Le Duc to Perfecto Records. Soon after Joakin was featured as percussionist with the twins at Hakkasan in Las Vegas.

While based in Los Angeles Joakin met the popular singer song-writer Sri Keshava (Baby Gopal / Shelter) in 2012.  Sri captivated Joakin’s heart and soon after they started producing dance tracks together including “Rise Up”, “Beautiful”, “Feel It” and “Radio Rio”.  In 2015 Sri Keshava & Joakin Eskasan partnered to take Global Party People and Global Party People Records to the next level by throwing a monthly party at First Fridays in Venice Beach, California and playing their original productions. 

The musical hearts blended and the DJ duo went on tour.  Global Party People have now performed all around the world including the Full Moon Dance events in the Sunshine Coast (Australia), Ratha Yatra Festivals in Barcelona, Melbourne and Los Angeles, Jai Thep Festival in Chiang Mai (Thailand) and Holi Festival in Kumeu (New Zealand).  GPP DJs have a cool taste and know how to spice up the mix with their live instrumentation so be certain their upcoming releases on Global Party People Records will be exciting! And none the less their collaborations with other artists will be incredible so stay tuned!