Global Party People

Global Party People, a DJ duo by Joakin Eskasan & Sri Keshava, desire to spread peace and love by bringing people together on the dance floor with ethnically diverse mixes and uplifting dance music while also playing live instruments, featuring dancers and visuals to spice up the mix.  Click play on the youtube link below to watch and listen their lively sets.


Global Party People main music genres are House, Tech House, Techno and PsyTrance. Accompanying their performance Joakin Eskasan plays live percussions including agogo bells, bongos, floor tom, mrdanga, karatalas and tambourine.  Sri Keshava adds melodic teasers with live vocals, harmonium, blowing the conch shell and featuring Classical Indian Dance choreography.  This gives their DJ sets a rich organic sound within the electronic genres. Click play below to watch and listen another lively set:

Performance Duration :

  • Average Performance Duration: 2 hrs 
  • Max Daily Performance Duration: 8 hrs
Main genres we play: House, Tech House, Techno, PsyTrance and everything within. We love dance music so are constantly bringing into the mix remixes that make us all feel alive, sing-along and dance. 
Remixed subgenres we sample: Afro, Funk, Disco, Samba, Latin, 80's, 90's, Bass, EDM, Hip Hop, Top 40 and Kirtan. 


Booking Information:

Peace & Beats,

Global Party People