Govinda Jaya

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Here is the new Govinda Jaya! mantra recording in Brindavani Raag by Global Party People DJs & Kirtaneers Sri & Joakin! We are giving away 1000 free downloads with the discount code: GovindaJayaChallenge. Apply it during checkout. We would love to have you join the dance challenge with the hashtag #govindajayachallenge and tag us @globalpartypeople on youtube, tiktok, facebook and instagram. And please email us your videos to to include all of your videos into one single video! If you are feeling ready please read below our "Video Theme Guidelines" to assist you with your response video to our challenge.  You will also find the mantra / lyrics and meaning below this video. Have fun, enjoy, sing and dance!

Please find below the youtube music player to listen to the full song, and below our first Govinda Jaya Challenge response featuring Indra Bahia! Enjoy!

    Govinda Jaya Challenge featuring Indra Bahia!

    Mantra / Lyrics:

    Govinda Jaya! Jaya! Gopala Jaya! Jaya!
    Radha! Radha! Radha Ramana Hari!

    Video Theme Guidelines:

    1. Please sing the mantra lyrics and smile.
    2. Please wear the following color combinations: White, Black & Pink and have a background with one of those colors. Or Blue, Pink & Green and have a background with one of those colors.
    3. Make your footage as bright as possible. We recommend filming your response with day light. If not possible using a white lamp goes long way!
    4. Please position your camera at eye level.
    5. Have Fun!
    6. Please email us your footage to

    Mantra's Meaning:

    • Govinda and Gopala: Krishna’s favorite animal/pet is the cow and “Govinda” and “Gopala” are names for Vishnu and Krishna which mean Cowherd and Protector of Cows. This is why the majority of Indians don’t eat cows. These names also refer to Krishna youthful activity as a cowherd boy.
    • Jaya: Victory or Victorious. In our words it could be a joyful expression.
    • Radha: Hindu goddess popular in the Vaishnavism tradition. She is a milkmaid (gopi), the lover, Chief Queen and spouse of the Hindu god Krishna.
    • Ramana: “Beautiful” in Sanskrit.
    • Hari: Is a name for the supreme absolute bewildered by the Goddess of Love “Radha”.

    Song Credits:

    • Global Party People, Sri & Joakin, Sri Keshava, Joakin Eskasan
    • Main Vocals: Sri Keshava
    • Background & Response Vocals: Joakin Eskasan.
    • Live Mrdanga: Joakin Eskasan

    Song File:

    • Format : mp3 - 320 kbps (File size 10.3 MB) Format.
    • Beats Per Minute : 95
    • Genre : Dub
    • Raag/Raga: Brindavani/Brindabani