Global Party People DJs

Global Party People DJs desire to spread peace and love by bringing people together on the dance floor with ethnically diverse mixes and spirit-uplifting dance music while also playing live instruments.  Click play on the youtube link below to watch and listen to some of their recordings. Scroll down to find a detailed description of this unique DJ performance:


Global Party People DJs Description

As DJs, Sri & Joakin play uplifting afro house and tech house (world dance music) and accompany their performance with live instrumentation e.g. percussions such as agogo bells, mrdanga, kartalas, tambourine / pandeiro and melodic teasers such as live vocals, blowing the conch shell and the brazilian whistle!  This gives their DJ sets a rich organic sound within the electronic genres. Click play below to listen to one of their DJ sets:

Performance Duration :

  • Average Performance Duration: 2 hrs.

Booking Information :

Peace & Bhakti,

Sri & Joakin