life is a celebration


* Go you to your IG account * click the 'Reels' icon (center bottom).  Follow the YELLOW circle.

* click the 'Camera' icon (top right)


* Menu will appear on the left... click 'Music Note' icon (just below the '15second' icon).  Or if you are new, you might see this Reels page.



*  This goes to another screen with a search bar on top where it says 'Search Music’


* Click on search bar (keyboard appears), type in 'Hare Krishna Bhakti House' (you have to put the full name) and it appears with a purple and blue Global Party People square icon.


* On Instagram you have the ability to pick the section you most like to dance to! In order to pick your section, click on the text of the song (don't click on the play icon or it will just begin at the start)

* A 'bar' will appear on the bottom of the screen, press+hold+drag to the left to fast forward to section of song of your choice (suggestion: pick a section like the verse that is a perfect loop - we suggest min1:37, min5:23 or min5:39 ).

* The 'Bar' is about 15 seconds of the song; press 'Done' (on top right). Phone may take a few seconds to be ready (it's trimming in the background)

* Click the 'Reel' icon (bottom centre) and sing or and dance along with the video (the singing will look like perfect lip-syncing!).

* You have the option to do one full take, or even pause it along the way to change angles or featured people!

* Choose from many cool effects, make sure to select effect before starting.


* When finished click ‘Share’ and write your Caption - challenge some friends to do the same! Make sure to Tag us @GlobalPartyPeople & #GlobalPartyPeople


* Click ‘Share’ and spread the LOVE!