As we continue to dance around the world and enjoy surfing the seven seas we have to find ways to minimize our chance of being attacked by sharks or like the inventors of Sharkbanz would say the "toothy amigos"; therefore, we want to share with you what we found on the internet for you to read on the inventions available to us :)

The main technologies available are based on:

  • Shark's Vision. What can sharks can see?
  • Magnetic fields. What can sharks can sense/feel?
  • Odor. What can sharks can smell?


A SHARK DETERRENT WETSUIT & SURFBOARD.  Hamish Jolly presented at TED Talk in Perth Australia with the results of the collaboration between Shark Mitigation Systems and University of Western Australia Ocean's Institute based on "what sharks can see".  Enjoy this video of his presentation:

Hamish Jolly defined the shark deterrent techniques are to be banding and "cryptic on the water or against being attacked" and he also mentioned that the Pilot fish is a great a example of a fish that spends a lot of time "along the business-end of the shark".

Professor Nathan H. at the UWA Oceans Institute confirmed that the main predatory Sharks (White, Tiger and Bull Sharks) "see in black and white or gray scale", which is a great help into finding the perfect camouflage.  Hamish J. and in collaboration with the Australian Government studied the eyes of the sharks genetically and anatomically.  They checked on Depths, Distances, Light Conditions and Water Clarity to define what patterns and shapes are best:

1. "Don't Eat Me Wet Suit" banding idea, which is "highly visible, highly disruptive profile and it is intended to prevent the shark from considering that you would be ordinary food, and potentially even create confusion for the shark". This design is better to battle the silhouette surfers create when being on top of their board.

 2. Cryptic for divers at all ocean depths.

We truly love Hamish J. conclusion on how scientists translated shark's "biological evidence" in the "benefit of man kind" that the wet suits in the future won't be "pure black".


    1x Sharkshield's Ocean & Earth Tail Pad / Decal Antenna to attach to our boards for $ 169 AUD.

    Sharkbanz do use magnetic fields to reject sharks away from you under these principles: "Effective, Simple, Affordable and Stylish".  Here is a video on their youtube channel from their testing :

    We loved this guys as they pledge to donate 3% of earnings to

    1. Eradicate the practice of shark finning.
    2. Protect and restore ocean habitats by designating marine sanctuaries.
    3. Pass legislation to prevent new offshore drilling.

    4x Sharkbanz 2 White / Seafoam to wear on every leg and arm that totals about $ 379.80 GBP.

      We have been considering to acquire 2-4 of the Sharkbanz but there are contradictory results on it's efficiency as shown on this video by Terra Australis. Sharkbanz replied that the wrist band needs to be moving in order to create the electromagnetic field. We are still wondering how much we need to keep on moving in order for it work.


      Dead Shark Repellent tested by Myth Busters:

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