7 Steps to Download a Mp3 on an iPhone without using iTunes

Hi Everyone, if you own an iPhone but you don't have computer access to download the mp3 recording(s) you just purchased on our website, and your are not able to import it into your iTunes Library Playlist to later synchronize with your iPhone, please email us your order number, with subject line "Attach MP3 Request - No Computer Access" and we will email you the mp3(s) as an attachment for you to be able to download and keep the recordings on your phone. Once we email the attachment(s) please follow these steps in which your iPhone allows you to download and save the file into your iCloud drive app called "Files" to play back through quick time.

Step 1.  Find your "Files" folder within your home screen. If you don't see it make sure to turn on your iCloud app by going to settings, click on your name and turn on iCloud also know as iCloud Drive. Please note "Files is part of the utilities that should come along with your iPhone.

Step 2.  Once you located the "Files" Folder please create a folder called "Music Folder" where you can keep your music files organized. You should be able to see and click on a little folder icon with a plus "+" sign that will prompt a new folder. Please name it "Music Folder".

Your new "Music Folder" should appear within your iCloud Drive as shown below. You could also click and hold the music folder to then click on "tag" and select "music". This will help your iPhone finding music files in searches, but this tagging is not crucial to this process.

Step 3.  Open the email we sent you with the mp3 attachment. Scroll down to the bottom of the email and you should find a document that looks like the one displayed below and click on "Tap to Download".

Once you click "Tap to Download" you should see the downloading process as shown below"

Step 4. Please click and hold on your downloaded attachment, and it will prompt you with the screen below. Please click on "Save to Files" displaying a folder.

Step 5. After selecting save to files you will need to "choose a new location to add this item" as shown below. Please click on iCloud Drive.

Step 6. After clicking on iCloud Drive please click on Music Folder as shown below:

Step 7.  Please now click on on the word "add" at the top right corner of your screen.  This will complete the downloading process. In order to playback you need to open the mp3 file located on > Files > iCloud Drive > Music Folder > and select the song. Thank You!

This temporary solution is just so that you can have immediate play back access to our recordings in your iPhone, but once you have access to your computer the simplest process would be to download the mp3 into your computer, then import our recording(s) into your iTunes library and playlist and finally synchronize your iTunes playlist to your phone.

Please let us know if you need us to assist you on any of these steps mentioned above by emailing us at music@globalpartypeople.com

Thank You!
Global Party People