Before and after a celebration we find time to do yoga, relax and meditate. You can play/stream here our original Ambient Bhairav Raga and Ambient DJ Mix. Enjoy 🙏🏽

30 minute Peace Meditation | Ambient Bhairav Raga

This raga / raag in Shanta Rasa evokes peace & tranquility. Bhairav is another name of Shiva / Siva. This is the music in the mind of Lord Shiva as he meditates, as dawn gently breaks over the Himalayas. It is considered the ‘Adi Raga,’ or first raag created. Let this beautiful journey assist you with your yoga practice, meditation, massage or spa session. Happy Listening! If you would like to download this Ambient Bhairav Raga recording as an Mp3 you can buy it here on this website. 

30 minute Peace Meditation | Yoga Ambient Mix


Performance Duration :

  • Average Performance Duration: 30 to 90 minutes.

Booking Information ( Sri & Joakin ambient acoustic or ambient DJ set ) :

Peace & Bhakti,

Sri & Joakin