Govinda Radhe Gopala Radhe - Sri & Joakin

Govinda Radhe Gopala Radhe - Sri & Joakin

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This is a live recording of Sri & Joakin playing and leading the Govinda Radhe Gopala Radhe kirtan at Yogalution in Long Beach California with Dharma Shakti, Deva Mai and wonderful kirtan friends! Take a listen, enjoy and sing along!

Here are the lyrics description below:

  • Govinda and Gopala, are the names of Vishnu and Krishna. "Go" means Veda, Cow and also senses.  So Govinda, Gopala, means Cowherd or Protector of the Cows, or one who gives pleasure to the senses. 
  • Radhe is the invocative form for the Goddess Radha aka Radharani. When we sing Radhe we are calling out to Radha.
  • Shyam is a dark, black, blue and it is used as a name to describe Krishna.
  • Sri is a title of respect, e.g. used before the name of a person, or God or a sacred text.

Pre-listen below the full track friends!

File Format and Song Description:

  • Format : mp3 - 320 kbps
  • Beats Per Minute : 108 - 120 BPM
  • Genre : Kirtan